When Do You Need an Air Duct Professional Help?

Should you find yourself constantly cleaning the same vent or losing money to heating and cooling, small cleaning projects likely won’t fix the damage. Outside of recurring issues and obvious problems, here are some other events and signs that may call for you to reach out to a professional HVAC system cleaning service:

Major Projects
There are events that call for a thorough inspection of a building’s infrastructure. If your home or office experiences a fire – even a small one – you may want to check for smoke damage in your ducts, but you should also give the entire HVAC system a once-over. Even less destructive events, such as remodeling, can kick up a lot of dust and clog systems that worked fine in the past.

It’s also smart to perform inspections of heating and cooling systems when you’re preparing to sell a property. A clean bill of health can help you get the price you want while providing the information future buyers will likely ask for.

Particular Materials
If you have an older building, modern solutions to dirty ducts may not apply. It’s always best to contact a professional when you come across system features or mechanisms you don’t recognize from online tutorials or other information sources.

Fiberglass filters are a popular choice for a variety of modern buildings, but per Bob Villa, they are the option least likely to keep air clean. When your system is filled with ineffective cleaning features, you may want a professional to clean your ducts before you install superior versions.

Doctor Suggestions
When family members – or even pets – take ill with respiratory problems, medical professionals will often advise you to do everything in your power to remove air contaminants from your home.

The same is true with businesses that have to go through government inspections or other building evaluations. Many consumer and employee advocates demand commercial buildings pass mold and filtration inspections. Not complying may cause a business to find itself in legal trouble.

When problems with air quality occur, you can turn to a professional service to ensure the health and safety of every individual who passes through your door.

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