How Do You Find a Professional HVAC Cleaning Service?

Serious problems call for complete cleaning processes carried out by HVAC professionals. Unfortunately, many companies take advantage of common heating and cooling misconceptions to overcharge consumers. Here’s how you can find an honest air duct and vent cleaning business:

You should never hire a company because they send you an air duct system cleaning promotion that sounds too good to be true. According to Today’s Homeowner, some cleaning companies will offer a shockingly low price to get inside your home. Once there, they’ll suddenly claim to discover a serious problem that will require a substantial amount of additional money to clean. Also, you should avoid businesses that make outrageous claims about the health benefits of duct cleaning.

Should you decide an HVAC cleaning is right for your home or business, you should research a variety of companies in your area. You can start with personal recommendations and then move on to online reviews of cleaning services.

During your research, you need to check to see if an HVAC professional cleaning service is certified by the NADCA. You can use the NADCA website to search for members in your area. After that, you can look for further accreditations and service awards. Companies should follow the standards put forth by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association and Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines for working in confined spaces.


A sure sign of a dishonest duct cleaning service is one that just vacuums the easy to reach parts of your system. A full cleaning should take hours, but some businesses will bring a small vacuum and leave after 30 minutes.

When speaking with a potential HVAC cleaning service, you should ask for a detailed breakdown of activities. Be sure to ask about cleaning internal heating and cooling components and how they verify work was done. You may also inquire about side tasks like cleaning the vent on your dryer or other sources of air contaminants.

Depending on the size of your building, the cost of a duct cleaning service will vary. It should cost somewhere between $300 and $2500 for most homes. Commercial buildings will vary so it’s wise to ask businesses of similar size and operations how much they paid.

Comparative shopping should help you find a reasonable price. Avoid cleaning services that cost too much, but also be wary of surprisingly low offers, as these businesses will probably try to upsell you or perform an incomplete job.

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