What Are the Dangers of a Dirty Duct?

As new science comes forward about the dangers of air contaminants like dust and mold, you may want to reexamine your HVAC system to avoid the problems associated with unclean environments:

Energy Efficiency
According to the NADCA, dust build-up and other contaminants in HVAC ducts contribute to the 25 to 40 percent of energy wasted in home heating and cooling every year. While dust and dander in ducts may not directly block the flow of air, dirty coils and motors may cause breakdowns, future problems or inefficient operations.

Excessive dust collecting around a vent or in a duct system is a sure sign that something else is wrong. Keeping HVAC equipment clean allows homeowners and facility managers to spot problems as soon as they occur. Once the issue is fixed, cleaning must take place to help ensure further incidents don’t develop.

Health Concerns
This is where the issue gets complicated. While there’s no proven link between cleaning air ducts and the health of the occupants in a building, the EPA and NADCA recommend taking steps to remove dust, mold and dander from your HVAC system when the building houses people with allergies, asthma, sinus problems or respiratory infections.

Molds and bacteria growing in vents and ducts are the primary concern of most organizations. Also, when debris causes a ventilation system or internal HVAC mechanism to stop working, carbon monoxide or other dangerous substances could present themselves.

Clean Environment
Even if dust and dander aren’t proven causes of illness, it doesn’t mean you want to be breathing them. You may choose to clean your HVAC ducts because you value cleanliness.

You can also prevent unpleasant environmental factors like bugs and odors. Whether you’re a homeowner who wants to raise your family in a clean environment or a business that wants to present a professional atmosphere for customers, HVAC cleaning and maintenance should be investigated by anyone placed in charge of maintaining a building.

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